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Do you want the chance to develop your skills and make new friends whilst helping people in the local community? If you answered yes then Enactus Manchester perfect for you! Enactus is a global student-led organisation which develops and implements social enterprise projects with the aim of giving students a chance to use their business acumen to help empower others. Enactus Manchester currently runs five projects:

  1. Speak Up - an established social project which equips migrant parents in Manchester with English Language skills
  2. Blossom - a new social enterprise which will work with refugee women to create and sell craft products
  3. EmpowerMEal - a social enterprise which will work with marginalised women to help them create a business where they will sell healthy meals to students
  4. Next Step - a project which will empower homeless people with the skills they need to seek employment
  5. Crossroads - a social campaign which uses social media and engaging events to give students the skills needed to manage their finances 

Enactus Manchester is always looking for passionate individuals to grow our projects. We also have opportunities to join our Events & Fundraising team or become our team's new Design Executive.

Contact Us: If you are interested in joining Enactus Manchester or want to find out more about our work please email us at enactusmanchester@gmail.com or find us on Facebook (Enactus Manchester) and Instagram (@enactus_manchester). 

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