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Welcome to the Official University of Manchester LGBTQ Society's Webpage đŸłď¸â€đŸŒˆ


Thank you for taking an interest in our society! Manchester has had a long timeline of LGBTQ+ history and is famous for its LGBTQ+ activism, nightlife and other social events! We as a society aim to support all LGBTQ+ students at university. Whether you would like to meet new LGBTQ+ people, get advice and support or volunteer, we can help and direct you with all of this and more! 

We welcome all those that identify under the LGBTQ+ spectrum as well as allies. You are more than welcome to come if you feel like you don’t (or don’t want to) identify under a specific label – just be yourself!

Many students have felt nervous coming to the LGBTQ+ society for the first time, whether you are not out (or not out to everyone), come from a background that is not understanding or accepting, or are just nervous of meeting other LGBTQ+ students, we are here to support you and really do want to make you feel welcome. The society aims to provide a space where you can completely be yourself without fear of judgment, criticism or discrimination. We encourage you to come along and meet new people, the more people that come regularly, the better it’ll be for you!


What does the LGBTQ Society do?

We organise a wide variety of social events, campaigns and activities for all our members, from club nights and bar crawls on Canal Street to non-alcoholic socials such as our tea cup crawl in Northern Quarter and regular coffee socials at the LGBT+ Centre. We aim to make all our events fully accessible. We also help facilitate involvement with campaigning about LGBTQ+ issues with the UoM LGBQ+ and Trans campaigns officers.

If you are a postgraduate or mature student, please feel free to come as we have people of all ages who regularly attend. We have many postgraduates and mature students who join the society and we put on regular postgraduate and mature student only socials which have been very popular in the past. Please don't feel deterred from coming if you are a mature student, we have had students from all stages in university come to the society, there really is a mix! If you are an international student or are BME, you are more than welcome to come as we have members from many different backgrounds as well as our own BME group and you will be supported by our BME Inclusion officer. The society is for all LGBTQ+ students including those that have interrupted (taken a break from university,) it is what you make it! 

Finally, there is the University of Manchester LGBTQ+ Mental Health Wellbeing Support Group run by the University of Manchester Counselling Service and the LGBTQ Society. This is a peer support group that anyone can drop in to, more information can be found here.

On behalf of all the committee, we look forward to welcoming you to our events this year, if you're a returning student please don’t worry if you haven’t been to any events before, we have had many members who have come in their later years at university and have been glad they did! You are also welcome to come to our events at any time throughout the year so don't be put off if you're coming towards the end of the academic year, it’s never too late!

If you do have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at [email protected] we are here to welcome and support you ☺️🏳️‍🌈

UoM LGBTQ Committee 18/19:

Co-ordination Officer: Georgia
General Secretary: Sean
Treasurer: Elias
Social Secretary: Edda
Events Officer (Open Place): Ruby
Events Officer (Women’s place): Milly
BME Inclusion Officer: Jiacheng
Disability Inclusion Officer: Role not yet filled
Campaigns and Fundraising Officer: Emily

Wellbeing Secretary: Bridie


Social Media Pages:


UoM LGBTQ+ Mental Health Wellbeing Support Group:

Terms and conditions

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By signing up to the University of Manchester LGBTQ Society you agree and consent fully to your name and details being on our register in line with the new data protection and GDPR rules. You are entitled to a copy of the information the University of Manchester Student's Union holds on you under the Freedom of Information Act. Your information will not go anywhere other than the Student's Union, if you are concerned please contact the Student's Union separately. Upon signing up with us, you agree to be put on our mailing list and are happy to recieve periodic emails from us. If you would like to opt-out of receiving emails, there will be a link on the emails you will recieve, to do so.

Please be aware that the University of Manchester LGBTQ Society is fully aware of the need to keep details private and will not share any of your details to any third parties. In the extreme (rare) case that we have to (e.g. when the university or law requires us to) we will ask for your consent/notify you first.

Please also note that while allies are welcome to our events, they must be respectful and understanding with all LGBTQ+ members and we expect all LGBTQ+ members to be accepting and understanding of each other.

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