Manchester Energy and Environment Society (MEES)

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  • To bring more energy-related events to the university and bridge the gap between students and academics working in renewable energy and the environment.
  • To provide ways for students interested in energy and the environment to meet other like-minded students, so that we can take effective interdisciplinary action against the challenges we face in energy and the environment.
  • To organise events where students interested in working in the environmental and renewable energy industries can network with companies. 
  • To promote a strong, science- and fact-backed argument for the use of renewable and low carbon energies.


Throughout the academic year we will organise a range of inclusive events to cater to different interests:

  • Seminar series
  • Debating sessions
  • Pub quizzes
  • Field trips
  • Conferences
  • Design projects
  • Social events
  • and many more!


Membership is free and open to all students in The University of Manchester. Even though we are a science, technology and engineering based society, we welcome members from all disciplines who are passionate about the energy and environmental sector. We think that effective change can only be brought about by the collaboration of experts from a wide range of different fields.


email: [email protected]


Instagram: @uomenergyandenvironment


President: Katja Eeckelers

Vice President: Ugo Legendre

Treasurer: Zakwan Mohtadza

Head of Events: Akshay Amar

Event Coordinators: Mohamed Hatem, Catherine Noonan

Head of Marketing: Sarah Kashani

Marketing Officers: Emma Kerrison, Zaid Hamoodi

Design Officer: Jason Xiong

Head of Sponsorship : Daniel Alejandro Choconta Bernal

Sponsorship Officer: Chris Davies, Yutong Sun

Media Manager: Claudia Agnoletti

Those who sign up through this website will be invited through email to join our Facebook group and be part of our mailing list.


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