Music Society (MUMS)

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Steps to Follow to Join MUMS:

  1. Click "Join this group"
  2. Answer the questions that follow
  3. Wait to recieve your digital membership card and information pack via email in the next few days
If you want to audition for our auditioned ensembles, visit the "Auditions" section of our website (

What is MUMS?

Manchester University Music Society (MUMS) is a society whose aim is to bring together those across the University who are as passionate about music as we are! With over 400 members, we are one of the largest, most active and most ambitious student run music societies in the country. Our dedicated committee works tirelessly to provide our members with a huge range of concerts, chances to perform, socials and other opportunities both on and off campus, as well as working with other societies such as the University Chorus to provide even more exciting ways to get involved with music.

MUMS is open to everyone. The only prerequisite for joining the society is a love of music. If that's how you feel then MUMS is the place for you. Whether to play or to hear, typically around 500 people join MUMS every year. The mission of the society is to bring together people who are passionate about music in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and provide them with opportunities to hear and make music on a regular basis to a high standard. This is done through an established range of around 50 concerts through the year, a number of ensembles and social events.

Making the most of MUMS

With a MUMS Membership you can:

  1. Join both our non-auditioned fixed ensembles and auditioned ensembles including  Big Band, Brass Band, String Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra and Wind Orchestra
  2. Access our 8 basement practice rooms (each fitted with an upright piano)
  3. Make use of our instrumental teaching scheme
  4. Get Free tickets to all MUMS concerts in the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama (No.42 on the Campus Map)
  5. Gain cheaper entry to our infamous socials
  6. Get involved in community outreach projects 
  7. Get a 10% discount on instrument hire from
  8. Perform in our yearly opera 
  9. Join us on our yearly tour!
If you would like to find out more about the society and see what we have been doing, check out our website ( and facebook page (
Please fill out all the questions that follow when signing up- this information is a vital part of your membership.
Visit our website for details of our ensembles, have a look through their individual pages and for details about joining MUMS, booking tickets, coming to our concerts or for any other information. Information about auditioning for our auditioned ensembles is on the MUMS website.
Where is MUMS?

We are largely based in the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, holding almost all of our rehearsals within the building, as well as most of our concerts. However, we have other gigs and bandnights in pubs around Manchester and we also have a few events in Club Academy.

Contact Us:

For general inquires, please contact:  -

If you have a more specific question for another member of the committee, find the committee list on the MUMS website

Visit us at:

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