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Welcome to the Photography Society!

Do you have an interest in photography? Have you got a camera that you're not sure how to use and want to have a go? Is there something new you'd like to try? Then come along to our events and you can learn skills that range from studio photography to night-time photography to darkroom techniques. All levels are welcome; from beginners to the more experienced, there will always be someone there to help you.

Every week we run events such as workshops, walks and socials. In the past these have included a walk to Castlefield, time-lapse photography, stop motion and many more. This year we are hoping to run a number of events tailored to you, our members, so don't be shy about requesting an event too! There are also some cool trips in the pipeline, these will be subsidised and great fun!

Our facilites include:

  1. Darkroom with chemicals supplied (you need to supply your own paper)
  2. Digital SLRs
  3. Film SLRs
  4. Lighting
  5. Tripods
Membership just £10.00 for the whole year!
Please check out our FAQs before signing up. 


rd Millea, Lewis Coombs

The Boring Bit

~Before being able to use our facilities you will need to register and pay online through this website.

~If you've never used the dark room before you will need to have an induction before you're allowed to use it unless you are confident that you can operate a basic dark room, in which case you can quickly go over the basic settings in the dark room with our dark room masters.

~Kit will not be lent out unless a valid membership card is shown and your student ID is provided, as well as providing a £20 deposit which will be returned to you upon equipment return.

~If you would like some more information of any of the things mentioned above or want to see our events please join our facebook page at:

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please join our Facebook group at:

or email us on: