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We are a collective of students who want to improve our physical fitness by running. We host two free weekly runs, as well as a number of varied sessions ranging from track sessions to fell/trail running. We also offer opportunities and support for entering races.

Regular meet-ups:

★ Tuesdays -

  • Weekly campus/city run
  • 5-7km plus drills on average, sometimes more for the faster groups 
  • 5 different groups based on pace, ranging from "Beginner" to "Fast/experienced"
  • All abilities welcome, although we ask that you are able to do at least 30 minutes of light continuous exercise
  • Meet at 6:15 for a 6:30 start (University of Manchester Student Union foyer).

★ Sundays 

  • Great Run Local (Birchfields Park)
  • Arrive by 10:55 for an 11:00 start
  • Choice of 2K or 5K
  • Completely free, and open to all abilities
  • Register online at to receive a free wristband containing a chip to record and track your times.

Other events -

  • We organise a number of extra sessions on an ad-hoc basis, including track sessions, trail running and boot camp/yoga. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for details regarding these!

★ Races -

  • We encourage members to enter races and support them in doing so, ranging from 5Ks to marathons
  • Main races to be entered as a group will be Run in the Dark, the Manchester Marathon and the Great Manchester Run (10K). These will be coordinated on the Facebook page.

See you there!

The Pacing Team




Short answer? Anyone

Long answer?  Even though we run hard, we pride ourselves on looking out for each other. So if you just want to improve your speed, this is probably not the club for you. If you are looking to be part of a community committed to running and improving physical fitness, then we welcome you with open arms. All abilities are served by different pacesetters and leaders...whatever your speed, there's a place for you. 


Come dressed to run.  Make sure you are wearing comfortable gear that allows you to move and doesn't leave you either too hot or cold. There is limited space for changing, so we would encourage that you bring as little as possible with you. Not to worry though, we have space to store away your valuables. 


Apart from your running shoes, all we advise is that you bring yourself and a good attitude. We run to improve our fitness and challenge & support each other at this club. Of course, feel free to bring any running tools, apps, distance/time watches.


In the interests of safety, we ask that you don't wear headphones during the run. This is so that you can hear the instructions by the leaders, and also so that you are aware of any oncoming traffic.


As part of the RW community, we encourage our members to be involved. Submit new running routes, lead group training/running sessions, greet new faces, enter a race with other members, or simply come along each week...the list is endless. Drop us an email or talk to us in person about your ideas!



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