Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Society (STEMSoc)

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We aim to encourage more students to pursue a career in the STEM subjects, acting as a platform, connecting potential volunteers with volunteering opportunities. We also aim to bridge the gender imbalance in the STEM subjects.  

We conduct many outreach activities in science subjects by visiting libraries and primary schools. We provide these students with an opportunity to interact with current STEM students, which will encourage them to pursue a career in the STEM subjects. 

What does STEMsoc do? 

  • Code club: code club is a nationwide network of free after-school computer programming clubs for children aged 9 to 11. Once a week, we help run an after-school club, teaching the children the basics of computer programming starting from 'scratch' to HTML. 
  • Travel Lab: We visit libraries on weekends and run interesting table-top activities.
  • Student-led lectures on STEM: Organise STEM-based introductory lectures in a local library. All students enthusiastic about science and any particular topic in science are encouraged to give short talks to young students.
  • Tabletop science (one-off events): Run activity based stalls at science fairs or schools. For example, last year we made musical instruments out of vegetables and programmed Arduino with primary students! 

We also do other STEM outreach events, if there are any outreach events you are interested in doing let us know and we can help you set it up. 

For more information please email our society chair Soumya Shreeram on or find us on facebook.

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