Speech & Language Therapy

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Speech & Language Therapy Society


Hello and welcome to the Speech and Language Therapy Society! 

Did you know that nearly 20% of the population may experience communication difficulties at some point of their lives?

Speech and Language Therapists play a vital role in people's lives who live with speech, language, communication and swallowing impairments. Speech and language therapists provide tailored support for these individuals of all ages. We wish to highlight how SLTs can help! 


Who are we? 

The SLT society is a student led organization with a predominate focus to ‘give voice’, raise awareness and reach out for those with communication and swallowing needs. Our society welcomes membership from everyone who is passionate about promoting the need for inclusive communication and supporting those with speech, language and swallowing needs.


Our Aims: 

- By campaigning and supporting related charities we wish to raise awareness for those with communication and swallowing difficulties and be a force for positive change! 


- We wish to increase awareness of the work speech and language therapists undertake and the valuable role they play in the healthcare profession. 


- We aim to enhance your university experience by creating a group of likeminded students who can socialize and support each other throughout this year. Socials are inclusive and events planned cater for everyone.


- We run a variety of events such as fundraisers, awareness campaigns and study groups, which you will be informed about in advance through our social media platforms.


- In addition, we support students by welcoming various guest speakers to share information about their work.


- This year, we will be designing an outreach pack to encourage students to be aware of and take an interest in Speech and Language Therapy. We also want to help tackle Poverty in Manchester.



However, we welcome all kinds of suggestions for what our members want us to do.





Examples of events we have been running so far include…

  • #AskAnSLT posts on our Social Media Pages
  • Zoom socials, including quizzes, member meetings
  • Zoom guest speakers, including a newly qualified SLT
  • Sponsored Sign for Christmas, raising funds for the British Deaf Association on the 21st December 2020
  • Wellbeing session to support SLT students on placement
  • Study zooms


Get Involved… 

Stay tuned on our social media pages to look out for information about:

  • Fundraising events
  • Society Meetings
  • Talks 
  • Monthly Socials
  • FBMH Ball

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