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Hello and welcome to the Speech and Language Therapy Society! 

Speech and Language Therapists play a vital role in many people's lives who live with speech, language, communication and swallowing impairments. Meeting these needs is of vital importance and we wish to highlight how SLTs can help! 

Who are we? 

The SLT society is a student led organisation with a predominate focus to ‘give voice’ and raise awareness for those with communication and swallowing needs.  Our society welcomes membership from everyone who is passionate about promoting the need for inclusive communication and supporting those with speech, language and swallowing needs. We are free to join so it couldn't be easier to get involved! 

Our Aims: 

- By campaigning and supporting related charities we wish to raise awareness for those with communication and swallowing difficulties, and be a force for positive change! 

- We wish to increase awareness of the work speech and language therapists undertake and the valuable role they play in the healthcare profession. 

- We aim to enhance your university experience by creating a group of likeminded students who can socialise and support each other throughout this year. Socials will be inclusive and we will plan events to cater for everyone. 

- We aim to run a variety of events which you will be informed about in advance through our monthly newsletter. In addition to campaigning we will welcome guest speakers and there will be opportunities to visit stammering support groups which are held at the university. However, this is YOUR society if there are certain events you would like us to run don't be scared to let us know! We want to work for you! 

Get Involved… 

We would love everybody to be involved as much or as little as you like! Look out for information about:

  • Society Meetings– we would love to hear what you want out of the society. 
  • Socials–we will be releasing information about socials our first one will involve tea and cake!
  • Newsletters– we will send out emails and newsletters to our members about upcoming events. 

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