Systematic Martial Arts Society (SMART)

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Systematic Martial Arts (SMART) – a scientific and modern approach to martial arts. We emphasise self defence from day one, but within our system is a much deeper level of martial arts.

Our system

We develop people both mentally and physically. The sessions work by starting small and building up progressively. The classes are a mixture of simple exercises to build up your basic skills (timing, balance, structure, flexibility, power) and practising realistic self defence situations. There are also smaller intensive group lessons where we delve deeper in to the system.

Our classes

Our main classes are on Mondays and Thursdays from 6.30 - 8.30 in the Trinity Sports Hall. Periodically we also run women's self defence courses - information on the next course will be posted on here, stay tuned.

Seminars and socials

Our society runs seminars and workshops in addition to the regular classes we offer. These will usually focus on a more specific aspect of self defence, such as weapons defence or multiple assailants (for details on upcoming seminars, please see the event page). We also organise regular socials, ranging from pub visits to paintballing. For the most up to date info on these socials, check our events page or visit our facebook page. We are a very open and friendly group with a good mix of people, and as always, everyone is welcome!

Pricing and contact

The first week is of training is completely free, so come along and find out exactly how fun it is; whether you want to learn for self defence, to try out an new martial art, make new friends or just want to get fit, all are welcome!


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