Each Hall of Residence run by the University has its own Residents’ Association (RA) or Junior Common Room (JCR) who are responsible for organising and running activities and improving student life in your hall. All students who live in the hall are members of the RA or JCR and the membership fee is included in your rent. RAs and JCRs typically use this money to run socials, trips, events and sporting activities for all residents throughout the year.

RAs and JCRs are made up of an elected committee who the Students’ Union works to support throughout the year. The Students’ Union works to support you in running your RA/JCR. We can help you put on events in your hall, the SU, or in venues across Manchester.

If you have any questions about running your RA/JCR, please email us at [email protected] or phone us on 0161 275 2987. Alternatively, you can pop in and see us in the Student Development Office on the first floor of the SU.

Check out our halls below:

George Kenyon Hall
Hulme & Burkhardt
St Anselm
Owens Park
Liberty Park
Woolton Hall
Canterbury Court
Ashburne & Sheavyn
Whitworth Park
Oak House
Richmond Park
Unsworth Park
Weston Hall
Wright Robinson

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