Signing a housing contract is possibly one of the first significant legally binding documents you will sign.

Never sign a contract on the spot - you should always be given at least 24 hours to read the contract thoroughly.

The University of Manchester Students’ Union runs a contract checking service which can be accessed through the Advice Service - we strongly advise that you have your tenancy checked.

It's vital that you remember that once a contract has been signed, it's legally binding on all parties - you do not get a chance to change your mind.

Are you sure you want to live together?

If you have signed the same contract as your housemates and you will all be liable for any rent arrears and/or damage to the property.

So, if one tenant moves out, the landlord/agent can pursue the remaining tenants for any money due.

The majority of students sign joint tenancies which is why it is so important to make sure that you are moving in with the right people!

You must

  1. Pay your rent as stated in the contract
  2. Not damage the property, furnishings, fixtures and fittings
  3. Agree any other clauses to be added to/removed from your contract in writing with your landlord.

Your landlord must​

  1. Give you 24 hours’ notice before visiting the property
  2. Keep the property in a good state of repair
  3. Protect your tenancy deposit in a government scheme.
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