Finding A Property

It can often feel like a mad scramble to secure a perfect house for the following year. Signing a tenancy is a big commitment and without the right advice, it can be a bit of a minefield.  

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with some guidelines to ensure that your new pad is more the flat from Friends rather than the house from Fresh Meat.

Rule number one - don’t panic! There are loads of properties for rent in and around Manchester.

If you’re having trouble finding somewhere, Manchester Student Homes are a free, university approved service who only offer accommodation provided by approved landlords.


Have a think about where you want to live, and what suits your lifestyle.

Do you want to be on the University's doorstep to make those 9am lectures a little more manageable? Do you want to be in the vibrant student areas of Fallowfield and Withington? Or are you more interested in living close to the action in the centre of town?


If you’re living out of halls for the first time, you’ll need to have a think about your budget and factor in the cost of rent, bills and food.

That snazzy flat in the Northern Quarter may seem appealing, but make sure you can also afford to eat!

If you’re not sure about how much you can afford, this handy budgeting planner will make the numbers a little easier to crunch. 

Knowing me knowing you

Make sure you know your prospective housemates before you commit to living with them for a year!

Your mate’s lack of cleaning skills may be an endearing personality quirk at the moment, but this could become downright annoying six months down the line.  

Most tenancies don’t start till until July or August, so you’ve got plenty of time to suss out your potential housemates before you take the plunge.

This old house

Many landlords claim that a number of repair works are going to be done prior to new tenants moving in.

Sometimes, the works aren’t done and you’ll end up paying for a house you didn’t agree to.

If your agent or landlord promises repair work prior to you moving in, make sure you get confirmation in writing before you sign anything. 

If you are able to, it’s worth asking the current tenants what the landlord is like, and how quickly the landlord has responded to any problems. This will give you a good idea of what you’re signing up to!

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