Approximately 8,000 students live in the University of Manchester Halls of Residence which are located into three areas - City, Victoria Park and Fallowfield.

Halls managed and controlled by the University of Manchester are signed up to and comply with the Universities UK Code of Practice. The University Halls are audited annually to ensure compliance with the Code.  Students living in privately owned and operated halls of residence should consult their accommodation provider to discover what code of standards their provider adheres to.

If students experience problems in halls of residence they should, in the first instance, seek to resolve the problem by talking with staff and following the appropriate procedures.  If the problem remains unresolved a formal complaints procedure exists and this is accessible on the Accommodation Office website.

What can we do?

There are several ways our Advisors can support you through the complaints process. A Student Advisor can:

  • Explain the full process to you and guide you through the stages.
  • Help put together a complaint.
  • To provide ongoing advice with each stage of your complaint. 
  • Help to collate appropriate evidence to support your case.
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