Moving Out

On the last day of your tenancy you should record the gas, electricity and water readings (where possible) and provide these to the utility supplier in order to receive your final bill. Landlords will often require proof of all final bills being paid in order for them to return your deposit, so it is important that all bills are settled.

Before you move out you should...

  • Put all furniture back in its original position
  • Remove all your possessions (you may get charged if you leave this to the landlord)
  • Did you hang any posters? Check the walls for damage
  • Check furniture, sinks and the toilet bowl for damage, hair line cracks can cost more than you think
  • Thoroughly clean, dust and hoover the property (including the oven!)
  • Check your tenancy agreement and see if curtains and carpets need to be cleaned
  • Make sure electrical and gas appliances are turned off, windows and doors are closed and securely locked
  • Redirect any mail to your new address
  • Check your tenancy agreement to make sure you have done everything you need to before leaving.

Organise a final inventory check with the landlord and make sure you can be there to agree any changes to the condition of the property.  If the landlord does not do a final inspection/inventory check, do one yourself with a witness present and keep photographs as evidence. Once you return the keys, ask your landlord/agent to sign to say that they have been received.

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