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The Research and Insight team at the University of Manchester Students’ Union was formed to understand students and provide the most relevant research and insight to the Students’ Union. The team comprises of a permanent research staff and student researchers to provide the best information and evidence-based data to support our officers and departments with their projects. Want to know what we are currently doing? Contact us by email [email protected]

What do we offer?

  • You can participate in surveys and focus groups (incentives may be provided). Click here to see current surveys and focus groups.
  • Research Archive
  • Research and Insight consultancy (regarding student-related insight), for more information you can email [email protected]

Current Union Surveys

Students Union Life Survey (SULS) February 2020

Tell us about your experience this month and give us your opinion regarding sustainability and the upcoming Student Exec elections

SULS February 2020 »

Module Registration 2019: Only Postgraduate Taught students

This survey is in response to students mentioning that they could not register for the module of their choice at the start of the academic year. Whether this has happened to you or not, we would like to know your experience with choosing your degree modules

Module Registration 2019 »

Postgraduate Survey


Current Event Feedback survey

Global week Event feedback

Have you recently attended Global Week? Click here to tell us your experience and suggestions.

Global Week Event Feedback 2020 »

Current Focus groups

Focus groups coming soon.


By participating in our surveys, you have a chance to win up to £50 in amazon vouchers or a donation to a charity of your choice. Societies with the highest response rate at the end of the academic year will get a chance to donate up to 150-200£ to a charity of your choice!

  • The Winners of November and December Students’ Union Life survey have been announced. The winners are contacted by email.
  • The Winners of the Welcome Week survey have been announced. The Winners are contacted by email.

Research Archive


Ruth Fernandes - Organisational Research Coordinator

Ruth works in three main areas within the research department:

Market Research: Providing up-to-date research to various department and officers for projects/events. Recent research include the Students’ Union Life Survey (SULS), Module Registration survey, the postgrad survey etc.

Commercial Insight: Analysing the SU commercial data and providing insight based on student and consumer demands.

Organisational Insight: Analysing staff-work work characteristics with the help of HR to provide insight on the workings of different departments from a psychological perspective. The UMSU’s priority is for staff to have the best experience, job satisfaction, and engagement. This involves looking into the motivations, experience and job characteristics between members of the non-profit organisation through a staff survey.

Student Researchers

They provide support to the department by analysing student-, commercial- , and organisational- related data.

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