International Students’ Officer


Hello! I’m Riddi Viswanathan, your first full-time International Students’ Officer. I am an international student from India and a graduate in Business Studies and Economics. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, journalism & media and music. I am also a voracious reader.

Last year, I had the honour of representing you as your diversity officer and we, together, ran buzzing campaigns, celebrated festivities and empowered student voice. Thank you for choosing to re-represent with me this year. I aspire to make the Students’ Union a home to all you international students who have travelled miles away from your families.

Statement on Brexit from International Students’ Officer

We are aware that the uncertainty relating to immigration following Brexit has raised a number of concerns among our international Student and staff community around the current immigration status of EU students and staff, the Erasmus exchange programs, EU Research Funding and much more.

As your Students’ Union and as your International Students’ Officer, we are committed to ensuring that we do our best to keep our students informed about Brexit and how it will potentially impact our students. Please be assured that we are currently working with the University on pulling together a guidance on Brexit for all our students.

In the meantime, if you would like to find out more about how the decision on Brexit will impact the educational sector, please refer to the following resources:

  1. Brexit: International Student Advice and Guidance by UKCISA (UK Council for International Students’ Affairs)

    Brexit: what we know for EEA students and their family »
    UKCISA advice for students on post-Brexit rules and entitlements »
  2. The Department for Exiting the European Union website provides all the latest information from the government regarding Brexit.

    Department for Exiting The European Union »
  3. The Universities UK website also provides regular updates and answers FAQs on Brexit for universities and students.

    Brexit and UK universities »

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Advice Team at the SU or email

National Representation

Your International Students' Office, Riddi Viswanathan, is also a member of the NUS International Students' Committee, NUS Society and Citizenship committee and the National Executive Council (NEC). While working for you all at Manchester, Riddi also influences the government and the national organisations to pass policies in favour of international students. Here is a report of what she has done nationally to support international students.

International Students Officer Representation Report »

Academic Malpractice support

My Wisdom

The international student journey is not always polished. It is indeed a roller coaster ride and in the process, the voices of international students are often lost. To represent the under-represented, we, at Manchester SU, formed the ‘International Student Network’ to make concerns of international students heard. With the incredible support of students and staff, we now have a full-time officer dedicated to voice the issues facing international students. International students are still under-represented nationally and I am passionate about supporting international students to become the change agents in their unions, at their institutions and at the parliament.

Why SU?

The Students’ Union, to me, is an all-in-one package- a home where I have made lifelong friends, an entertainment hub, a platform which has developed me by providing me with opportunities to get involved in volunteering, part-time jobs, societies, sports and media but most importantly, it is place which builds vibrant, committed, radical student leaders who change the world and inspire those around them to make a difference.

My Priorities

  • Enhance employment prospects for international students through tailored volunteering and work experience opportunities
  • Enrich the educational experience by providing support on plagiarism, mitigating circumstances, early timetabling and de-stigmatising mental health
  • Establish the International tuition fee review committee to campaign to reduce placement year tuition fee
  • Internationalise the Students’ Union by globalising the food, introducing intercultural dialogues and empowering cultural societies
  • Inclusive and multi-lingual welcome week for international students

My Manifesto

  • I will make the Union and the university an international student friendly and a diverse welcoming body
  • I will work to empower international students to take up leadership positions locally and nationally
  • I will make the Union a home for international students who stay back during Christmas and Easter breaks
  • I will make the Union an inclusive and an engaging place for postgraduate students and liberation groups
  • I will fight to ensure that international students have access to equal opportunity within the university

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