Hey! My name is Izzy Gurbuz and I am your Wellbeing Officer for 2016/2017. 

I’m a Physics with Philosophy graduate and I’m excited to be your Wellbeing Officer for this year. Wellbeing underpins all students’ ability to thrive at University, both academically and in pursuits outside of studies. I will be working to make sure your voices are heard, from influencing new University policy to tailoring our support services. Another part of my role will be raising awareness of the importance of good wellbeing and fighting to end the stigma surrounding mental health. My remit covers mental, physical and sexual health, and encompasses the Counselling Service, the Advice Service, the Disability Advisory and Support Service (DASS) and Food on Campus. I’d love to hear from you if have any problems or ideas in those areas. 

My wisdom

Extracurricular doesn’t mean irrelevant to your studies or career. I didn’t realise it at the time, but whilst I was taking part in societies, campaigns and Union democracy, I was building vital experience. I have drawn on those experiences in countless applications and interviews to demonstrate skills I didn’t get from my course. You don’t have to devote huge amounts of time, and it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your studies. But taking part in real life organising, groups and projects can fill countless gaps in your CV.   

My favourite thing about the Students' Union

The diversity! I love the range of different people getting involved in so many different activities, from organising Pangaea to volunteering in the community, from rock climbing to campaigning  and reducing food waste. It’s great to see students from such varying backgrounds and with such a range of interests coming together under the same roof. 

My Top Priorities:

1. Strengthening the first line of pastoral support

2. Expanding the Counselling Service

3. Diversifying and consolidating sexual health services

4. Tackling FoodOnCampus

5.Rationalising the mitigating circumstances system

6. Increasing awareness of support available

As your Wellbeing Officer Izzy works as part of a wider team to:

 Represent and promote students to be happy and healthy at University

 Direct the Union’s work on the welfare of members

 Direct the Union’s work on developing good campus relations (for example, between groups of students)

 Work with local and regional external bodies on matters affecting student health

Izzy is based in the Student Voice office on the ground floor of the Students' Union building on Oxford Road.

Contact Izzy: izzy.gurbuz@manchester.ac.uk


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