The University of Manchester is one of the most important institutions of our city. You, as students, constitute the life blood of the University. You live throughout the Manchester Community, and so make up a crucial part of the city and its culture. It is my pleasure to represent you within these communities and continue the great work of previous Community Officers and more broadly, the Students' Union. 






I have been involved with the Students' Union since day one of University and since then have fallen in love with the Union. After being on the RAG committee I have had an incredible time organising and supporting student led community projects in Manchester. I will use this experience to support you in the Manchester community and also increase engagement between you, as students, and residents in your area.



How the Students' Union is the centre of gravity in the University for so many students and its potential to be this important for all students. How the Students' Union provides a platform for students to challenge the status quo. How the Students' Union offers opportunities that may never have been provided by the University, allowing Students to create and run events and societies. How the Students' Union, through us as the Exec team and other essential members of staff, are here to protect your interests.


  I will try to expand the number of safe zones, which are businesses you can enter when feeling threatened
  Aim to create a single, unified student homes website through the Students’ Union
  Aim to raise awareness of the Students’ Unions contract advice service by including it on the web-site so students can easily make an appointment.
  Aim to raise awareness and increase involvement amongst students about the struggles of living homeless.
  Aim to create an annual ‘Help the Homeless March’ to raise awareness and provide funding for homeless charities in Manchester, similar to Reclaim the Night.



  Develop a stronger sense of identity and social responsibility across and between the student and wider community
  Direct the Union’s work on matters concerning student accommodation, crime, and safety and student residents
  Work within Halls to ensure their input and influence on Union activities and strengthen the experience of students in halls
  Represent students within the local community to Councils, Residents Groups and other community organisations