Hey! My name is Jenni Smyth and I am your Womens Officer for 2016/2017. 

My job involves leading the UoM Women’s Campaign as well as facilitating various campaigns and activities around women’s issues.  From Reclaim the Night to Vagina Monologues and active bystander workshops there's so much too look forward to and get involved with over the next year.  If you would like to get involved or want to chat about anything, whether it is welfare issues, ideas for future campaigns or absolutely anything at all please do get in touch.  You can contact me via twitter, Facebook, e-mail or call into the office for a chat; I’m based in the voice office, which is situated on the ground floor of the student’s union building. 

My wisdom

Get involved! The students union is so much more than just a bar and there's lots of exciting activities and opportunities that you can get involved with.  As a mature student and student parent I was worried there wouldn’t be much for me at the students union but I was wrong!  As well as all of the academic opportunities, I was able to get involved with things that I never would have dreamed of including; performing on stage in the vagina monologues and sitting on senate as the student parent rep. It was through my involvement through various campaigns, societies and groups that I was able to feel part of the student community.   

My favourite thing about the Students' Union

You are the students union! What happens at the students union is up to you, whether you have an idea for a campaign, want to start a new society or want to influence how the space in the new building will be used, you can have your say. You can do this by contacting any of the voice team or SU staff, put a motion forward for senate or better still stand for a place on senate or a student officer role yourself.  Democracy is at the heart of the students union, it’s your union, so get involved and have your say, your way. 

My Top Priorities:

1. Establish links with local women’s services in order to create direct lines of support for students

2. Secure future funding for the student’s sexual violence counsellor

3. Lobby the University for better support for student parents

4. Extend promotion of Reclaim the Night

5. Make the Women’s Campaign accessible to ALL

6. Expand the ‘We Get It’ campaign

7. Lobby the University to provide consent education for students

8. Tackle the issue of relationship abuse by completing a far reaching campaign

As Women's Officer Jenni works as part of the Exec Team to:

 Ensure women’s representation on the Executive Committee and facilitate campaigns on women’s issues

 Direct the Union’s work on women’s inclusion, representation and welfare

 Act as the convener for the Women’s Campaign

 Work with the University and other organisations to promote women’s liberation

Jenni is based in the Student Voice office on the ground floor of the Students' Union building on Oxford Road.

Contact Jenni: jenni.smyth@manchester.ac.uk 

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