LGBTQ+ History Month at the Students Union, list of event in rainbow colours on a purple background of a picture of Canal Street

Events LGBTQ+ History Month

Manchester is one of the best places in the UK to be LGBTQ+.


This year, many students of our University worked together to create a month full of FREE events, to celebrate their communities:


 - a clothes swap to renew your flamboyant wardrobe

- many conversation corners to meet people who share your identities

- several panel discussion around being an LGBTQ+ person of colour, being LGBTQ+ and having a faith, or even about the history of Pride

- an open mic called "Can you Queer me in the Back?" to showcase the talents of our communities

- a film screening of 120 BPM followed by a discussion (because we all had something to say about that movie and we really want you to watch it too!)

- a selection of educational talks about being trans inclusive in sports, making LGBTQ+ spaces accessible for disabled people, and learning more about the experiences of older lesbians

- and finally a 3 days exhibition of outfits and accessories worn by members of the LGBTQ+ community in Manchester that express their queerness (get in touch if you would like to donate your clothes too!)


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