The term Liberation means the freedom from oppression and is something that a lot of different groups of people are still fighting for. Our liberation campaigns tackle issues that relate to minority groups in our society and are the Liberation groups identified by the National Union of Students (NUS), these being LGBTQ, Black/BME, Women and Disabled. Within the NUS Mental Health falls within Disability, and 'Black' is a political term encompassing the racism and opression people face from a number of non-white backgrounds.

We have chosen to use the word Liberation as opposed to Equality because it is impossible for us all to be equal. As a woman, a black, disabled or LGBTQ person, it is horrendous but likely that within the society we currently live in you may often find yourself at a disadvantage to others; being equal would mean dragging everyone else down to the same level of oppression – in essence it is not the removal of oppression but the sharing of it. Liberation means a complete shift in culture in order to remove the barriers that people experience.

For a dynamic look at liberation, why not check out , a website set up by our former Welfare Officer to help people learn and find support around liberation issues.


As well as the full-time Women's Officer and Diversity Officer there are 8 elected student officers who work to represent students within the four liberation groups and run campaigns. Click on the links on the left to find out more about the officers and how to get involved in the campaigns.