Liberation means freedom of oppression and within the Students Union we aim to support our diverse students who self-define into the different libersation groups to come together and take action against the collective oppression students face. 

At the Students Union we believe that all students should feel a sense of belonging, feel accepted for who they are and feel liberated and empowered to campaign against the discrimination faced with around students' identities that can affect students participation, achievement, retention and progression in education.

Our Liberation Campaigns aim to empower individuals to take action through collective activism that allows students to remove the barriers, increase participation and engagement and maintain equality.



There are five liberation campaigns that exist autonomously within the NUS that defend the rights of marginalised and underrepresented groups, they are the following below:  

They arrange their own annual conference and determine their own policy.

For a dynamic look at the Students' Union Liberation Campaigns please check out the elected Liberation Officers pages which provides, information and support around liberation issues and how to contact them to get involved in the student movement.

We also have our 8 elected student exec officers who work to represent students within the four liberation groups and run campaigns.

Click on the links on the left to find out more about the Part time Liberation officers and the Exec Officers on how to attend events and get involved in the campaigns.