The Living at Home Project supports students that live off campus, including living at home students and students living in privately rented houses with non-UoM students.

There are many reasons for why living at home is the best choice for a lot of our students, including financial reasons, being a student parent or carer etc. We recognise the different groups within the wider community of living at home students and strive to address their specific needs.

We want to provide more inclusive support which means focusing on these groups. This will be a mixture of support sessions, as well as socials and lunches with other living at home students. It will be a great opportunity for you to meet other students in your position and other living at home students, and for us to listen to you to see what other events and support we can develop together.

As well as putting on events, the programme also campaigns for positive change by asking what support you need, and working with the university to create that change.

The current initiatives we're working on include:

  • Lockers on campus
  • Home away from home - a living at home dedicated space
  • Access to Recreation grant - a grant to cover costs of society involvement

Want to hear from you and we’re always working to support you better as a Union. If you have any ideas on how we could do more to work with students living at home.  Please contact our Diversity & Inclusion Projects Coordinator, who coordinates our Living at Home Programme: [email protected].

You can join our Facebook group to hear about events and meet other Living at Home Students here:

Access to Recreation Grant

The Access to Recreation Grant has limited financial resources. In the event that application bids exceed this resource, a selection process will take place
and some bids will be unsuccessful. Details on how your data will be stored and used are on the application form.

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