Living at Home Students

The University of Manchester Students' Union has launched a new programme to support students that are living at home whilst studying.

The Students' Union now has an active Living at Home Society where students who live at home can get to know each other. You can join the society online or on Facebook

As well as the Living at Home Society, we are working on setting up a transport buddy system where students who are commuting from different parts of Manchester can get together to share costs and journeys. 

Living at home students also have the opportunity to become trip leaders via the Daytrippers programme which is a series of trips around Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire. Local students have a wealth of knowledge about the area that the Students' Union wants you to share with students coming from elsewhere! 


Please download our PDF about Living At Home

The Students' Union is reaching out to living at home students to try to establish how we can better support you as a Union and where we need to lobby the University to provide better support. Fill in the form below our contact our Off-Campus Student Project Co-ordinator Miriam Amies at or 0161 2752 987.

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