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Manchester’s local council and Mayoral elections are happening on 6 May 2021.

As a student in Manchester, you’re a really important part of the Mancunian community and you should have your say in how your city is run. Local government make decisions that can have a massive impact on your experience in Manchester: from public transport, to night-time safety to wellbeing support, this is your chance to elect the candidates that represent your interests and the issues you're passionate about.

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Check out our FAQs below to find out more about the election.

Accordian left Which roles am I electing? Find more...
  • You will be electing the Mayor for Greater Manchester
  • You will be electing three councillors in your ward*

*Manchester has 10 boroughs, split into 32 wards, each with three councillors. You elect local councillors, who then elect members of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Accordian left Who are the candidates in my local area? Find more...

Mayoral candidates:

You will be electing the Mayor for Greater Manchester.

  • Andy Burnham (Labour Party)
  • Laura Evans (Conservative Party)
  • Melanie Horrocks (Green Party)
  • Simon Lepori (Liberal Democrat)
  • Nick Buckley (Reform UK)
  • Stephen Morris (English Democrats)
  • Marcus Jonathan Farmer (Independent)
  • Alec Marvel (Independent)
  • David John Sutcliffe (Independent)


Local councillor candidates:

You will be electing three councillors in your ward.

Accordian left Why should I vote? Find more...

The Mayor and local councillors make important decisions about the services you use every day, from housing and transport to healthcare and education. As a student in Manchester, you’re an important part of the community and having your say in the election will ensure your local authorities represent you and the issues you care about. Take time to research the candidates in your area so you can make your vote count!

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Accordian left How do I register to vote? Find more...

It takes just 5 minutes to register to vote – so make sure you do it!

  • Register to vote online by 20 April.
  • You'll need to know your national insurance number and have an address in Manchester - there's an option to add your 'term time address'
  • Make sure you ask for a postal vote application form.
  • When you receive the application form, fill it in in pen, pop it in the post.
  • You'll get your ballot paper in the mail!

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Accordian left When is the deadline to register to vote? Find more...

You must register to vote by 20 April. (registration closes at 11:59pm on 19 April).

Accordian left Can I be registered to vote in two places? Find more...

Yes, you can! You can be registered at both your university and term-time address at the same time. If you’re not sure where you’re registered to vote, register again as you can always register in two places!

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Accordian left I won't be in Manchester on 6 May. Can I still vote? Find more...

If you're not physically in Manchester but have a student address in Manchester, you can still register with your student address and apply for a postal vote to vote in Manchester elections - you can have your ballot paper sent to any address!

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Accordian left I’m not a UK citizen. Can I vote? Find more...

You can register to vote if you're citizen of the UK, EU or Commonwealth, British Overseas Territories, Isle of Man or Channel Islands. The full list is here.

Accordian left When and where do I vote? Find more...
  • Polling day is 6 May. Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.
  • If you decide to vote in person, you'll receive a card in the post that tells you where to go.  
  • Bring your own pen! When you arrive, your name will be ticked off a list, you'll be handed your ballot paper, and then it’s time to cast your vote!
Accordian left I have to self-isolate. Can I still vote? Find more...

If you have to self-isolate on 6 May, you can apply for an emergency proxy vote and send someone else to vote on your behalf. Find out more here.

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