Microwave Map

We are pleased to announce that the SU now has microwaves available for students to use (as promised in your 2015-2016 Wellbeing Officer Lucy Hallam’s manifesto)! You can find these in the Activities Space on the first floor of the Students’ Union building. Your 2014-2015 General Secretary Charlie Cook has also compiled a list of all the other microwaves available to students on campus. Please see the map below, and scroll down for more details on room locations.

Please click here to access a PDF copy of the map.


Download the map HERE


Buildings and Room Numbers

Alan Turing

G.115, 1.221

Arthur Lewis

1.A, 1.B, 2.A/DK, 2.B/CK, 3.A/DK, 3.B/CK, 4.A/DK, 4.B/CK, CG.04A

A V Hill

1.013, 1.022, 2.006, 3.006, 4.006


G.11, 4.24, 4.18, 7.26

Coupland 3

27, Student Common Room

Humanities Bridgeford Street


John Garside

G.40, 1.38, 2.35, 3.033

Martin Harris


Manchester Business School East


Michael Smith

A.1014-A, A.2021A, A.2023A, A.3021-A, A.3023-A, A.4021-A, A.4023-A, B.1012, C.2261A, C.3249, D.4319, D.1424

Sackville Street

A50A, B30A

Samuel Alexander - South



B56, 1.043, 4.17, 5.16, 6.54

1.443A, 3.226A, 3.438, 3.708, 4.100, G.707


B63A, 1.53, 2.11, 3.53B, 5.15, 6.17, 7.15




If you believe any of these locations are incorrect, please email communications.su@manchester.ac.uk with details.