Final years! You will be asked to fill in the National Student Survey (NSS) from the 29th January - 27th April 2018. However this survey is being used to rank universities Bronze, Silver or Gold, with the future aim of increasing tuition fees. Just #Dontfillitin !


The Manchester Student Survey is open to all students and will not be linked to fees. Fill it in HERE




Why Shouldn't I Fill In The NSS?

The NSS is being used as part of the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework), a new system that ranks universities Bronze, Silver or Gold. In the future, Gold universities will increase their fees the most, and Bronze the least.

Your NSS data will be used by the TEF to determine how much money a university can charge. Last year, final years refused to fill in the NSS and be a part of this new system.

Fees are frozen for now, but the TEF uses a 3-year average of students' NSS data. So if you fill it in this year, it will be used in 2020 when fees could be unfrozen.


What Is The NSS?

The National Student Survey is given to all final year undergraduate students to ask them about their time at university. It is used in university league tables but was never designed to measure 'teaching' or decide by how much universities can raise their fees.


What About My Feedback?

Student feedback is vital for improving your courses for the future. Instead of filling in the NSS, fill in the Manchester Student Survey. This survey open to all students, not just final years. It is not linked to fees and last year received 3000 responses which will be used to make real change at Manchester. 


Are There Any Negative Consequences For Me?

The NSS is not compulsory, so you won't get in trouble for not filling it out.

Students at universities in Sheffield, Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick and UCL are also refusing to fill it in. Manchester is part of a national campaign to stop the TEF and increasing tuition fees. You have a choice whether to be a part of this new system or not, and it is important you know where you data might end up.


What If I've Already Filled It In?

If you would like to take back your NSS response so your data won't be used to raise fees in the future, send an email to with your Student ID and say you're from the University of Manchester and you would like to withdraw your NSS response. It takes 30 seconds!"