Final Year Students!

You will be told to fill in the National Student Survey (the NSS) from the 30 January - 29 April. What you will NOT be told is that the NSS, your feedback, will be used to increase tuition fees for future generations of students! Student feedback is important, so fill out the Manchester Student Survey (MSS) instead to have your say. The MSS, unlike the NSS, will not be linked to tuition fees.

If you've already filled in the NSS but now wish to change and fill in the MSS, you can send an email to Ipsos MORI to retract your response by sending a quick email here: thestudentsurvey@ipsos.com.

Why shouldn’t I fill in the National Student Survey (the NSS)?

  • The NSS will be used as a part of the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework), a rating system which will give universities either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award and allocate fees to them accordingly.
  • The NSS data will be used in the TEF to determine how much money a university can charge its students. But if students don’t fill in the NSS, there will be no data for the TEF.
  • The NSS was never designed to measure ‘teaching excellence’ or define fee levels, but to gauge how students enjoyed their time at university.
  • The NSS will make current students responsible for higher tuition fees for future generations, driving up inequality and elitism in the UK.

What is the NSS?

The National Student Survey is sent to final year students to measure their satisfaction with their course. It is currently used in league tables nationwide, and to scrutinise universities’ performance, but has never been linked to tuition fees until now.

What about my feedback?

The NSS is one of the key ways students hold universities to account and give productive and critical feedback. We understand this so are releasing an alternative survey – the Manchester Student Survey (MSS) – to collect feedback instead. The University will still be held to account, but this student feedback will not be used to increase fees.

What if my lecturer asks me to fill it in? What about the ‘free’ iPad?

If you are a final year student, you will be asked to fill in the NSS by your lecturer, tutor or some other academic staff either verbally or via emails or texts. The NSS isn’t compulsory, so there will not be any consequences for you if you don’t fill it in.

Many courses incentivise the NSS with a chance to win an iPad, pizza, gift vouchers or tokens so that students are more encouraged to fill it out. If you fill in the MSS instead, you will still have the opportunity to win prizes – but the principle is different. Is the chance of winning an iPad worth being linked to the rise in fees?

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