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Pangaea Festival 2016

Pangaea Festival returns this September! Join more than 6,000 fellow students Down the Rabbit Hole, as we unlock a world of fantasy, puzzle and splendid mystery. Let the music guide you through this magical night, with live performances, house, techno, disco, grime and much more providing the backdrop to a night of adventure and discovery with Alice and her usual friends. Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality, so lose yourself in over 15 rooms bursting with delight till the early hours of the morning; just make sure you don’t bang your head on the ceiling. Prepare yourself for the descent into the parallel universe of Pangaea, dress for the occasion and you'll never want to leave this wonderland. 

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Work With Us

Are you a DJ, band or artist?

Pangaea needs YOU!

We're on the lookout for bands, artists, DJ's, societies, room hosts & more to help create another unforgettable night. The past Pangaea Festivals have seen hundreds of great acts come together to create the biggest student led festival in the UK. With over 20,000 visitors a year get your music, vibe and name noticed and join us for Pangaea September 2016.

If you are interested or know anyone who would be interested, simply complete the forms below.

We hope to see you there!

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