The Students’ Union will be running our Semester 1 by-election in October. For full details about the election process and the roles available, see the table below.

Part-Time Officer By-elections

At the start of October, we will be launching our Part-Time Officer by-elections to fill our vacant positions. Students will have the opportunity to stand for a variety of roles:


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A by-election is held when the resulting outcome for a position is left unfilled. It is a continued election from the main election that happened in March.

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The Part-Time Officer (PTO) positions are voluntary roles, with a term of office that starts in mid-October 2020, until June 2021. These new leaders will join the current elected leaders for 2020/2021. You can see your future representatives here. Any student may run and vote for these positions.

All of the PTOs:

  • Are voting members on the Student Senate
  • Attend meetings with the full-time Executive Officers
  • Create and manage projects
  • Represent and advocate for their group of students
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All of these positions are part-time, voluntary roles that you can carry out alongside your studies. These roles last for one academic year, starting in June 2020. For most of these groups, you may only run for positions if you are part of the relevant student group (for example, if you are part of that Faculty).

Faculty Officers

Biology, Medicine and Health Faculty Officer: Undergraduate (UG)
Biology, Medicine and Health Faculty Officer: Postgraduate Research (PGR)
Humanities Faculty Officer: Postgraduate Taught (PGT)
Science and Engineering Faculty Officer: Postgraduate Taught (PGT)

Each Faculty has two undergraduate and two postgraduate (PGT and PGR) Officers. They will influence and make key decisions on Faculty committees. They run faculty-specific campaigns and work with a wealth of students reps to effect necessary change.

Student Community Officers

Student Community Officer - Fallowfield and Withington
Student Community Officer – City Centre

These roles are designed to represent students outside in the wider community. They will campaign on issues such as environment, transport, housing and safety.

Access Officers

Student Parent Officer
Widening Participation Students Officer
Mature Students Officer
Part-time Student Officer

These positions work specifically on issues of concern to a particular section of the student community, to remove barriers and boundaries to learning these students are more likely to face.

NUS Delegates

National Conference

These roles represents Manchester Students’ Union at a national level at the National Union of Students (NUS) Conferences. They will vote and debate the issues of today facing 7 million students in Further and Higher Education.

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All you will have to do is…

  • Turn up to Senate on Thursday 15th  October at 18:00 (Zoom link)
  • The senate Chair will notify the Senate of vacant positions and will ask if anyone wants to come forward for the vacancies.
  • You will be asked to state your name and you will be given two minutes to state why you should be elected - no one will ask you any questions.
  • If approved, you will become a Part-time Officer.
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