On Thursday 23 February 2017, we will Reclaim the Night! We will light up the city of Manchester, amplify our collective voices and take to the streets and say 'NO' to sexual violence against women, street harassment, rape culture and victim blaming. 

This creative, inspiring event is open to the whole community and will be full of colour, light and noise. The march will be led by a self defining women only block and followed by a mixed block open to all genders.

Click here to join the Reclaim the Night Facebook event - Coming Soon

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To become an Official Reclaim The Night Photographer, email us at: communications.su@manchester.ac.uk (no experience needed but you will need to bring a camera).

Click here if you're interested in being a Steward for the night. - Coming Soon

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A 2013 Home Office study showed that one in five women have been sexually assaulted since the age of 16, yet only 15% felt able to report this to the authorities. 

Sexual violence against women is an epidemic. Together, we have the power to fight back.