What is Reclaim the Night?

Reclaim the Night is an annual campaign against sexual harassment and gender-based violence. Each year we take to the streets to march for an end to violence against women and the right to feel safe on our streets at night.

No woman should ever have to fear for her safety on our streets and the devastating events of recent days have shown how important it is that we continue to raise our voices against sexual violence and street harassment.

While COVID-19 restrictions mean we can’t come together to march this year, we will still unite, to raise awareness, amplify the voices of women and demand action from local authorities to make Manchester’s streets safer.

From 15-19 March, we will be reclaiming the night through a series of online events, fundraising activities and campaign actions. #ReclaimTheNight


Listen, Believe, Support

16th March / 1-2pm / Location: Online

Manchester Rape Crisis have been providing an amazing counselling service for female student survivors of sexual violence, funded by the student Union, since 2015. We have invited them to join us for a discussion about the services they offer to students in Manchester. Find out how you can access counselling or help someone else to access the support they need.

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Banner-making session

17th March / 1-2pm / Location: Online

Come along and meet other activists at our virtual Reclaim the Night banner making session! This is an informal event aimed at bringing students together to chat about feminism, create banners and make new friends.

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Get Trained: Stand up against Street Harassment

17th March / 2-3pm / Location: Online

In honour of this year’s Reclaim the Night and Women’s History Month, Sexpression Manchester will be delivering a talk on public sexual harassment (PSH) and gender-based violence: dispelling myths, exploring how and why PSH is a particular concern in Manchester and how it may be influenced by misogyny, racism, ableism, classism, homophobia, and transphobia.

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Reclaim the Night virtual march

18th March / 6pm / Location: Online

Virtually March with us! Covid restrictions mean we cannot go take to the street to march this year. But with gender-based violence and sexual assault issues are still going on at the STREETS, at HOME, EVERYWHERE, we will still unite. We will be holding a virtual march, to ask Manchester City Council and Universities to take action to meet our demands and make Manchester's streets safer! Join us on zoom to amplify the voices of women, and challenge sexual violence and street harassment.

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Responding to Disclosures

19th March / 1-3pm / Location: Online

This session, delivered by a member of the University’s specialist sexual violence response team, will equip you with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively if a student discloses they have experienced sexual violence, including the support available at the university and beyond. Join us and discuss to learn more.

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Join our virtual protest

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Take action

The aims of this year's Reclaim the Night we developed by our Womens Officer and elected Womens Committee.

The aim to increase streetlighting in student areas is in response to feedback from students that they do not feel safe at night due to the threat of sexual harassment or violence. We hope by gathering evidence through the interactive map we can identify which areas need more streetlighting and put this case to the council.

Concerns were also raised about the difficulty to pursue cases of sexual harassment through the university's reporting system, without evidence. We hope by increasing CCTV on campus we will make it easier for students to identify and charge perpetrators of sexual harassment.


This year, we continue the fight against gender-based violence and harassment by demanding Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Universities to increase CCTV and street lighting in student areas.

To show your support for our demands, please sign and share the petition!


* Please note that you have to sign in first and then you are able to share the petition.


We have launched an interactive map for students to tell us about their experiences in Manchester. We hope to be able to share this information with Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Universities, in order to make our city safer.

Please add your own drop pins to the map:

  • Use orange to show us where you feel the need for more street lights.
  • Use red to show us where you feel the need for CCTV.
  • Use yellow to report locations where you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed any form of harassment, violence or assault.

* Please check out the instructions below
* When you have dropped a pin on the map if you feel comfortable to, please provide us with some more information about the incident.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map Instructions  

  1. Please note that using a desktop to view the larger map can help to get a more precise location.
  2. Click edit but please don't delete or edit other people's points.
  3. Now select what you want to report from the left-hand toolbar i.e. 'Need to add street light'. Click on that box and a blue bar will appear on the left side of it to show which selection is active.
  4. Once you've done that, click on the balloon shaped drop-pin at the top of the page.
  5. Now drop it on to the street you want to tell us about.
  6. A comment box will appear:

    In the top box, you might include your demographic information, such as your gender, and your age. This could be in the following format: Woman, 18.

    In the bottom box add the reasons that you might want to tell us about why you think it needs street lights in this particular area, i.e. Not enough streetlamps or zero streetlamps.
  7. You can add as many drop pins as you need to show us how safe you feel in the city.



Every year at Reclaim the Night we march 2.4 kilometres down Oxford Road, in protest to sexual harassment and gender based violence.

Sadly, this year we can't come together to voice our anger, but we can still make a difference.

So, we're asking you to take part in the Reclaim the Night 2021 Challenge.

Walk, run, or wheel the length of the march (2.4K), donate £5, and nominate other individuals and societies to do the same! You can take part and donate to our JustGiving page here.

Or join our team by clicking the Just-Giving link below and set up your own JustGiving page as a group, individual or society. Then you can compete with others to see who can raise the most! https://www.justgiving.com/team/ReclaimtheNight2021Challenge

All of the money raised will go to The Pankhurst Trust (incorporating Manchester Women's Aid) who do amazing work to support victims of domestic abuse.

Let's join together to Reclaim the Night!

Get support

What should I do if I experience sexual harassment?

Firstly, remember that there is no right or wrong way to respond to sexual harassment and it is not your fault.

If you do decide to respond, research claims that taking action can have a positive influence on your emotional response, and reduce the trauma associated with harassment.

So, here are a few suggestions:

Step #1: Set the Boundary

Tell the harasser what you want to do and why. Look them in the eye and speak in an assertive tone. Criticise the behaviour rather than the person. For example, you could say, “do not [what they are doing] to me, it’s harassment”.

Step #2: Engage Bystanders

Tell them what's going on and what they can do to help. If you experience street harassment, you could loudly announce to anyone around you what the harasser just said or did and identify them. For example: “The man in the red shirt is following me. I need help!”.

Then ask for people to do what you want like, "Can you wait here with me?" or "Can you call the police?" If you experienced online harassment, calling your friends to accompany you, or talk with you, can help you feel safer.

Step #3: Find a Safe Space

If there is no one on the street except you and the harasser, try and find somewhere you feel safe. If this isn't possible and you are scared, you can call security on 0161 306 9966 if you are around university campus.

Step #4: Document the Situation

After you feel safe, consider taking a picture or video of your experience, which could include the person harassing you, their license plate or the scene. You can use photos or videos as evidence to report this incident to the police or the university report system.

Step #5: Report it

If you feel threatened you can call 999 for immediate assistance. You can also report after the event has happened by dialling 101.Try to write down the time, location and description of what has happened in case you want to send evidence or testimony to report.

Where can I Report Sexual Harassment?

If you or someone you know wants to report an incident of sexual harassment, or access support following an incident, you can contact any of the services below:

University of Manchester ‘Report and Support System’  

Opening Hours: 24/7

Contact Details: https://www.reportandsupport.manchester.ac.uk/

If you are a student at the University of Manchester, our university report and support website is https://www.reportandsupport.manchester.ac.uk/. Want to know more about the complaint process and available service the university currently provides? In that case, you can join our introductory session to learn more about the University Report System on the 16th of March.

University of Manchester Students' Union Advice Centre  

Opening Hours: 24/7

Contact Details: [email protected]

For more information: https://manchesterstudentsunion.com/advice

The Student Union Advice Centre provides students with trained advisors and a confidential space to talk about anything that's on your mind. The Advice Centre can also help you access additional support through the University and relevant external organisations.

Greater Manchester Nightline  

Opening Hours: 24/7

Contact Details: [email protected]

Greater Manchester Nightline is a confidential listening and information service run for students by students. They offer anonymous, non-judgemental and non-directive support for all callers, regardless of the situation. Due to Coronavirous restrictions, the phone lines will remain closed for now. But the Nightmail service still opens 24 hours a day, and it is a confidential email listening and information service run by a team of specially trained volunteers all year round.

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St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre  

Opening Hours: 24/7

Contact Details: 0161 276 6515

SARC provides a comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and aftercare service to men, women and children living in the Greater Manchester area who have experienced rape or sexual assault, whether this has happened recently or in the past.

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Manchester Rape Crisis  

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 10am - 4pm; Wed and Thurs Evenings: 6pm - 9pm.

Contact Details: 0161 273 4500 / [email protected]

Manchester Rape Crisis are a women-led , women-only service, which offers support and guidance for all victims of all forms of sexual violence.

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Manchester Women's Aid  

Opening Hours: Direct Referrals Available: 9pm – 4:30pm

Contact Details: 0161 660 7999

Manchester Women’s Aid provides helpline services for domestic violence and abuse survivors to live a life free from the fear of domestic violence and abuse. They also offer safe and confidential temporary accommodation, play services, advice and support, dedicated caseworkers and support groups.

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End the Fear  

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri (Excl. Bank Holidays): 10am – 4pm

Contact Details: 0161 636 7525

End the Fear provides support and help to anyone experiencing domestic and sexual violence or who knows someone who may be being abused in different areas of Greater Manchester Area. They also provide safety guidance and free security measures installation to keep victims and their children safe.

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LGBT Foundation  

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri (Excl. Bank Holidays): 10am – 4pm

Contact Details: 0345 3 30 30 30

LGBT Foundation provides a wide range of services by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. You can get in touch with them for relationships issues, family issues, reporting a hate crime or if you just need someone to listen.

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National Domestic Abuse Helpline  

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri (Excl. Bank Holidays): 10am – 4pm

Contact Details: 0808 2000 247

National Domestic Abuse Helpline offers advice and support to women who are experiencing, or who have experienced domestic abuse. They also have live website chat open from 3 pm to 10 pm on week days. They also help victims of domestic abuse seek refuge.

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