At the Students’ Union we want to reduce the barriers to engaging in the social aspects of University life. The Access to Recreation Grant has been set up to reduce financial barriers, so you can make the most of your university experience.

Applications Open –Monday 22nd March 2021

Applications Close – Monday 5th April 2021*

Confirmation of successful and unsuccessful applications - Friday 19th April 2021

Grant allocation by - by Friday 30th April 2021

*Please note: Applications close on 5th April 2021. After this date, the next round of applications will open in the new academic year from Sept 2021.

Students can claim up to £100 (in advance or after spending) towards. Such costs may cover, but are not limited to:

  • Subsidising end of year balls
  • Joining SU societies and groups which have membership fees
  • Purchasing equipment necessary for joining SU society activities (for example, team kit)
  • Joining RAG (Raise and Give) challenges which have admin fees
  • Trips that meet the goals and purpose of the society
  • Gaining relevant documentation to participate in activities (e.g. overseas criminal records checks that require payment)

This grant does not cover costs associated with your academic course or travel. This grant is specifically to help students to engage with the social aspects of University life. However, should you need financial support for other things, you can apply for the following grants:

If you need to access equipment to study from home the University also has a Laptop loan and Wi-Fi Access Scheme. If you're struggling to access the support you need, you can speak to our confidential Advice Service at the Students' Union via [email protected]

You must meet at least one of the following criteria to apply.

Those in receipt of the following financial assistance:

  • Article 26 Scholarship
  • The Manchester Bursary, The Foundation Year Bursary, The Undergraduate Access Scholarship
  • Grundy Educational Trust
  • Leverhulme Scholarships
  • Nursery Subsidy
  • Manchester Master’s Bursary
  • Manchester Living Cost Support Fund
  • Postgraduate students who were in receipt of the Manchester Bursary
  • International students in receipt of Equity and Merit Scholarship
  • Undergraduate Access Bursary

Those who fit one or more of the following:

  • Living at home/Commuter students
  • Students with a disability
  • Student who are parents or carers
  • Estranged students
  • International students facing additional costs due to immigration status
  • Care leavers
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