Student Rep Opportunities

There are loads of additional things that you can get involved with as a Student Rep. You can take represent the student opinion on the University Student Disciplinary Panels. These are investigations into allegations of student misconduct. This could be anything from cheating in an exam or plagiarising work to a harassment case. For more information on Student Misconduct see here.

We've compiled a document to give you a hint as to what to expect at these panels, but feel free to come in to talk to us if you'd like some more advice.

There is typically an opportunity to take part in one of these panels each month and we will contact the first five students on our list each time. Please remember that it is a first come, first serve and so make sure you check your inbox!  

You can also be a Star Ambassador. These people will promote our Special Thanks and Recognition Awards and get to go and deliver the awards to staff! 

You can take part in our Skills For Change training sessions. 

You can go to NUS Student Rep Conferences.


If you're interested in getting involved in any of the above opportunities please let us know by filling in the following form.