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Student reps are the link between you and the University on all things course related. They listen to your thoughts and ideas about your course, and feed this back to your School. Student Reps represent you at every level of the decision-making process within the University, so they really are your voice in shaping the future of your course. By telling your Student Rep how you are feeling about your course, they can drive positive change within the University to make sure you are getting the best experience you can whilst at Manchester.

You can find out more information via our Student Rep Facebook

I am a Rep

As a Rep you’re part of a community of over 1000 students representing others and making change happen. Make sure you get recognised as a rep by telling us how you’ve been active in making a change. There’s a regular newsletter that goes out to all reps – get in touch if you’re not receiving this! We're working on developing our online training and will send this out through the newsletter too, this training will go over the basics of what it means to be a Rep in Manchester.

How do I become a Student Rep for my programme?

Student Rep applications and/or elections usually take place at the beginning of the academic year. You should be told about this by your School via email or in lectures. Unfortunately, all rep elections are complete for this year. If you are interested in becoming a Student Rep in the future, or want some more specific info on which elections are still open, please email [email protected].

Student Reps Hub Login page

The majority of programmes have recruited, elected or selected the reps they need for 2020-21. If you're interested in the role, you can email [email protected] to let us know & we'll see if there is a space available. If not, we can put your name down to become a rep in 2021-22. The recruitment process is different in each programme - some take on all volunteers, some need an election and some go through a selection process involving key staff members and the student society linked to the programme.

Who is my Student Rep?

We're working on making an interactive Find My Rep tool that you will be able to use to search your course and find out who represents you but for now you can email [email protected] with your course & year details and we'll search our database to let you know who your rep is.

Contact details

For general enquiries or to raise a wider issue, contact your Education officer Laetitia [email protected], Laetitia is supported in her role by the Education team who can be reached at [email protected]

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