Faculty Officer Projects

Study SpaceEx

Study Space Ex is a student led investigation into the universities provision of study space for Phd students. The project is headed by Post-Graduate Research Faculty Officers Marina Rosca & Bee Hughes. After observing Phd study spaces which fell short of the standards expected by a university which prides itself on world class research, the Officers set out to gauge PGR perspectives on the standard of their learning environemnts. The ultimate aim of the project will be to implement greater constsency in the standard of study space provision for PGR students across the university.

Aim of the project:

To lobby the University to make better and more consistent provision of world class study spaces for Phd students


  1. Establish the current provision of Phd study spaces by the university
  2. Produce a student generated criteria for a minimum requirement of study space standard
  3. Provision of a space for Phd students to go to have a forum to discuss ideas
  4. Create system of accountability which incentives school to adhere to established criteria

How you Can Get Invovled

If you want to help improve the consistency of the university's provision of world class research spaces and facilities there are two ways you can get invovled:

1) Send us In Photos fo your study space

We need you to send in photos of the areas in university where you study independently and as part of a group. Please send photos in an email to tom.madden@manchester.ac.uk and include your building, department and a few sentences on your key reflecitons on how the space impacts your learning &  wellbeing at university.

2) Fill out our Audit Survey

Once we have looked over the photos, we will use these to create framework to design an audit survey designed to unpack the key changes which Phd students prioritise for their study environments and estbalish a student generated criteria for a minimum standard for study space provision. The survey is due to be opened on 18th March 2019.

Project Timeline

13th February - Project Launch @ teh PGR Wellbeing Project Info Session
20th February - Email call to action to be sent out by Faculty Officers
1st March – Deadline for Photos
18th March – Send out Audit survey based off photo results
5th April – Audit survey close