I Am A Student Rep

Thank you for being a Rep!

We want to celebrate all your hard work as a Rep and we're holding an event on 3rd April to give thanks, show you around Rep Hub and take some final bits of feedback before Easter. There will be free food, goodybags and certificates and you can find out more or book a ticket by clicking here.

Key things to do as a student rep

  • Attend Student Rep training to find out the basics of being a Rep. If you've missed training make sure you contact your Faculty intern.
  • Find out what students on your course think about their education.
  • Go to committee meetings to represent the views of the students on your course and report the outcomes back to the Students Union and the student body.
  • Attend Faculty focus groups and work alongside your Faculty Rep to discuss wider issues.
  • Support education campaigns on campus and spread the word to your coursemates.

Introducing...The Student Rep Hub

  • Give feedback on areas of your University experience.
  • Share your successes on what you have achieved and how you have been active. These could appear in our Student Rep Newsletter!
  • See summaries of feedback from your students and all students across the University.

Login below to explore the RepHub. If you're not sure on your login details please get in touch.

Student Rep Hub Overview of your Activity Summary of your feedback What are your students saying Submit feedback or record your activity