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Advanced Training 

Our SU Education team is currently working with the Advice Service to develop follow up advanced training sessions to run for Reps over the seond semester. If you would be interested in attending or have any suggesitons for potential topics, please contact


Student Rep Training is a crucial part in the development of your skills as a Student Rep and a required element if you want your work as a Rep to contribute to the Manchester Leadership Award.  Training is arranged with your department at the start of the Academic year. If you've missed your  training sessions please get in touch with one of our interns ASAP so that we can arrange a session for you!

Faculty of Humanities:

Matt Langford |

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health:

School of Biological Sciences - Matt Langford |

School of Health Sciences - Tom Madden |

School of Medical Sciences - Coralie Adams |

Faculty of Science & Engineering:

Coralie Adams |