I am an international student from India. My Business and Economics course and the Students’ Union have made my Manchester experience incredible for me. As your diversity officer, I desire to make each of your experiences here just as incredible as mine. 






Being an international student living miles away from family, I was unsure about what to expect and who to seek help from. Figuring out that I wasn’t alone, we formed together the ‘International Student Network’- a platform which addresses the key issues faced by international students. Since then, I have always been passionate about enhancing the inclusiveness on campus, be it through liberation campaigns, international student workshops or postgrad conversation corners. 



The University of Manchester Student’s Union has vibrant, committed and radical student leaders who are determined to make a positive difference to this world. The vibes from these students gives me so much inspriation and the people here at the best thing about the Students' Union. Inspiration aside, the Students’ Union is always my second home as it has given me lifelong friends through getting involved in societies, media and volunteering. 


  Expand the Post-Study Visa options for International Students
  Lobby the University to become an accommodation guarantor
  Work with the liberations officers and different reps on campus to ensure a truly inclusive campus
  Improve Welcome Week with spotting locations and crucial information in different languages

Increasing the diversity of food on campus taking into account everyone's dietary restrictions

  Render the support to the cultural societies by closely working with them on obtaining sponsorships 


  Get the Union and University to have a diverse and welcoming student body
  Direct the Union’s strategy and activities in making the Union and University more representative of International, Mature and Postgraduate students
  Liaise with and support Union conveners of liberation campaigns
  Monitor and update Union policy on equality and diversity matters
  Campaign to increase the diversity of the student body and campaign for equal opportunities