What roles am I electing?

Executive Officers

The Executive Officer positions are all full-time, paid roles, with a term of office that starts in mid-June 2020 until June 2021. Any student may run and vote for these positions. All of the Executive Officers:

  • Are Trustees of the Students' Union
  • Oversee budgets
  • Sit on high-level University boards
  • Create and manage projects

Each Officer role is created to represent a particular student group or cover an element of University life. The positions are:

General Secretary

  • This role oversees the general running of the Students’ Union with the responsibility for the financial, political and strategic work of the organisation.
  • They are Chair of the Trustee Board, overseeing how the organisation is run. 
  • They sit on the University’s highest-level decision-making body the Board of Governors.

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Activities and Development Officer

This role directs the work relating to students activities (such as volunteering, societies, fundraising, media and events). 

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Postgraduate Officer

This is the newest position of the 8 positions, this role directs the work of all activities and issues relating to PG students such as welfare, employment, extra-curricular activities and much more. This role is open to PGT and PGR students alike.

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International Students Officer

This role directs all work relating to International Students (both EU and Non-EU) such as employment, welfare and education. 

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Liberation and Access Officer

They are responsible for ensuring that all students’ voices are represented within the Union & University and lead on eliminating all barriers and forms of discrimination. They support liberation groups, faith and cultural societies and also work with the University on widening participation.

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Education Officer

The Education Officer’s role is to liaise with the University to enhance the educational experience of students. They will attend high-level meetings to direct work relating to areas such as student representation, assessment feedback, teaching & course quality, University policy relating to education, and research, to name a few. 

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Welfare and Community Officer

The Welfare & Community Officer will direct the work of the Union’s Welfare policy and activity. Welfare issues often make the difference between students succeeding in education and not, whether it’s through having affordable transport, decent accommodation adequate finance provision or positive community relations. 

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Women's Officer

This role works on projects and campaigns focused on women’s issues and equality in academia and wider society. 

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Part-Time Officers

All of these positions are part-time, voluntary roles that you can carry out alongside your studies. These roles last for one academic year, starting in June 2020. For most of these groups, you may only run for positions if you are part of the relevant student group (for example, if you are part of that Faculty).

Liberation Officers 

BME | Disabled Students | LGBTQ+ | Trans Students | Women’s

Liberation Officers will direct their respective campaigns through creating policy, hosting events and consulting with their members.

Faculty Officers

Each Faculty has two undergraduate and two postgraduate (PGT and PGR) Officers. They will influence and make key decisions on Faculty committees. They run faculty-specific campaigns and work with a wealth of students reps to effect necessary change. 

Student Community Officers

These roles are designed to represent students outside in the wider community. They will campaign on issues such as environment, transport, housing and safety.

Access Officers 

Student Parent | Student Carer | Part-time Student | Mature Student | Distance-Learner Student | Living at Home | Widening Participation Officer

These positions work specifically on issues of concern to a particular section of the student community, to remove barriers and boundaries to learning these students are more likely to face. 

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