Reps Skills for Change

Not sure where to start as a Rep? Feel like you need a helping hand?

We've got a comprehensive guide to expand your skills as a Student Rep and help you in the future. There's loads more as part of our Pick 'n' Mix training and if there's something you'd like that we're missing then let us know here. Dates and times of workshops will be listed later in the year


Campaigning 101

Learn how to plan, execute and evaluate your campaign, meet the people who can help you and how to make the changes that you want to see.

Event and Project Management Skills

Learn how to manage your time and money with techniques that you can apply to absolutely anything. Get ahead of your competition with this session!

Public Speaking

We’ll work through everything from dealing with nerves to making sure you’re a snappy speaker. If you’re thinking of standing for elections, this could give you the boost you need.

Lobbying the University

Want to change something at the University but no idea where to start? We'll demystify the University and show how decisions are made with some great success stories!

Volunteering + Fundraising + Campaigning = CHANGE

We’re great at volunteering and fundraising with 30 weekly projects raising £219,000 for our local community. Learn how to incorporate campaigning into your projects to make a greater change.

Making the most out of Meetings

Learn how to present your opinions confidently and assertively. We’ll discuss presentation techniques, meeting etiquette and strategies for achieving satisfactory outcomes.

An introduction to digital campaigning

Get some amazing tips from an expert in the field. We'll cover everything from how to make sure your graphics stand out from the crowd and the best places to go for resources to make your campaign videos the best!

Anger Hope Change

Got a problem you want to solve but feel like you’re hitting a brick wall? We’ll show you how to use your frustrations to make a difference.

Why is no-one listening to me?

Finding it hard to get feedback from your students or not sure where you'll start? We'll look at how to engage your students, why you’re struggling and create creative solutions to your problem.