My main priority for this year is student mental health. Having Co-Founded Open Mind, a student mental health society at Manchester. I have a holistic plan to improve all aspects of wellbeing, whether you’re LGBTQ, a student of faith, a BME student, or if you just love health and fitness.







Be involved

Be active 

Be interested



My favourite thing about the SU is its inclusivity; you have the opportunity to be around some of the most diverse groups of people from different parts of the world.


Reduce the waiting time for the counselling services by training student mentors via pro bono counselling. Also, give students the control which gender counsellor they want to see.

  Work closely with the University of Manchester Counselling Services to set up emergency appointments
  Work closely within BME and LGBTQ+ student communities and create a spark of a conversation between these groups on mental health and general wellbeing
  Work closely with religious societies to reduce religious barriers between different student communities. Aim to reduce anti-Semitism and Islamophobia on campus
  Sustaining mitigating circumstances workshops and help those who are in need of support to make appeals and give guidance



  Represent and promote students to be happy and healthy at University
  Direct the Union’s work on the welfare of members
  Direct the Union’s work on developing good campus relations (for example, between groups of students)
  Work with local and regional external bodies on matters affecting student health