NUS Delegate Elections

As a member of the National Union of Students (NUS), Students are elected to represent our Union at a national level. Delegates are elected to inlfuence the national student movement through voting on motions at national conferences as well as electing NUS Officers who work full time, campaigning on the issues that you’ll vote on at conference.

Delegates who attend will vote on high-profile campaigns, including those on fees and funding, changes to disabled students allowance, welfare and students’ rights, liberations issues affecting groups like LGBT+, International students, Black students and many more.  

The time commitment required is the duration of the conference (including time required to travel to and from the location) as well as a briefing prior to the conference and debriefing and/or report writing after the conference.

The Students' Union covers conference registration fees, accommodation and travel for delegates.

NUS National Conference

The highest decision-making body of the entire NUS structure, this is the largest NUS Conference and one of the largest gatherings of student representatives in Europe, with over 1000 delegates. It sets policy for the year ahead in each of the 5 zones (Society & Citizienship, Higher Education, Further Education, Welfare and Union Development) and elects NUS President, Vice Presidents and Block of 15 representatives on the NUS National Executive Council.

It is likely to be a hub of debate and discussion about how student issues will be dealt with by a new government. 

It is also where the budget for the year ahead is decided through the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Every year over 1,500 delegates arrive at the conference from institutions across the United Kingdom.

8 – 11 April 2019, Glasgow

places available: 11 (5 places are reserved for women candidates and our General Secretary is guaranteed a place).

Eligibility requirements: None

Trans Students Conference

Trans Conference has the power to agree on policy that will take effect after it has been adopted by LGBT+ Conference where LGBT+ members have the power to amend or vote down policy passed at Trans Conference. This Conference brings together delegates from students' unions affiliated to NUS UK to debate and vote on motions and elect the full-time Trans Students' Officer.

 30th- 31st January: Location TBC

places available: 5 (there are reserved spaces for a Woman, Black student. Disabled student and 1 non-binary place. Two places are guaranteed for our Trans Students' Officers).

Eligibility requirements: You must self-define as a Trans student.

LGBT+ Conference

The LGBT+ Conference is the highest decision-making body of the independent NUS LGBT+ campaign. It also elects the LGBT+ Committee and the two full-time NUS LGBT+ Officers. LGBT+ is the second largest of all the NUS Conferences after National Conference.

22nd- 23rd May: Location TBC

 places are available: 8 (there are a number of reserved places and our two LGBQ+ Students' Officers are guaranteed a place.

Eligibility requirements: You must self-define as an LGBT+ student.

Women's Conference

This conference is the highest decision-making body of the independent NUS Women's Campaign, setting its policy. It also elects the Women's Committee and the full-time National Women's Officer.

 5th-6th March: LocationTBC

places available: 4  (One place must be filled by a Black Woman and one by a Woman who is either Black, Disabled or LGBT+. One place is reserved for our Women's Officer).

Eligibility requirements: You must self-define as a woman or have a gender identity that includes woman.


Any questions please contact our Democracy Coordinator, Emmet on