Making the most of your society membership

Societies are one of the most exciting things available to you during your time at University, and with the largest number in the country here at Manchester, there’s something for everyone!


If you’ve arrived at this web page, then the likelihood is that you want to set up a brand new society ready for the 2020/21 Academic Year! It’s great to hear that you’re considering setting up a new society, but there are some things for you to do first:

1. Search our Societies page to check whether a duplicate of your society already exists – if your application is too similar to another society, we’ll advise you to get involved with the existing society instead of setting up an additional group.

2. To register your society, you need to have a committee. The critical roles that you must have are: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Inclusion Officer – if you’re struggling to get all four, then you can double up Inclusion Officer is absolutely necessary.

3. Keep an eye on this page, and the Societies Facebook Page, for more information about when applications for 2020/21 will open. At the moment, The Societies Team anticipate that applications will open during July, and once we have a definite date we will update both pages. When applications open, the New Society Application Form and Application Guidance can also be found on both pages.

Until there is an update on any of the pages mentioned above, please do not try to contact the Societies Team for further information, as the Website and Societies Facebook Page will be updated as soon as there is any new information.

Your Society Coordinators:

  • Every society is assigned a Society Coordinator to provide support on all the society’s projects throughout the year.
  • They work in partnership with our students to help them run, develop and enhance society activities and events as well as interact with the university union and the wider city of Manchester.
  • These activities may range from big events to small events, trips around the country and abroad, celebrations, performances and learning opportunities.
  • Our Society Coordinators come with a wide range of professional skills and experience.
  • Society Coordinators can be found in the Student Engagement Office on the 1st floor of the Students’ Union at the activities bench.
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