Hey! My name is Sorcha Floyd and I am your Campaigns & Citizenship Officer for 2016/2017. 

My Top Priorities: 

1. Homelessness

WHY? Our city has a serious homelessness problem. The increased number of those facing
homelessness and the funding cuts have been just disastrous. Our union has a commitment to social
responsibility and an influential position in the community which it is not currently exercising. The
union has the ability and responsibility to lobby the city council, raise awareness of the issue and
encourage students to exercise both their voice and give their aid.

2. Go Green

WHY? I am passionate about sustainability and encouraging a healthier, cleaner, greener society. As
campaigns officer I would fight for this important issue by encouraging sustainability on a personal
level and enforce it on a much larger cross-university scale.

As Campaigns and Citizenship Officer Sorcha works as part of a wider team to:

 Get more students campaigning and lead on the Union’s citizenship work

 Direct the organisation and development of campaigning societies

 Facilitate students and societies to campaign on the issues they decide to campaign on

 Direct the Union’s work on citizenship and wider societal issues

 Coordinate the priority campaign(s) as decided by the Executive

 Oversee the campaigning work of the Union

Sorcha is based in the Student Voice office on the ground floor of the Students' Union building on Oxford Road.

Contact Sorcha: sorcha.floyd@manchester.ac.uk



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