Saint Gabriel's Hall is located on Victoria Park campus with bus routes to get to Manchester city centre and within walking distance to the main University of Manchester campus.

What's on

For Welcome Week 2018, Saint Gabriel's Hall Junior Common Room Committee has teamed up with The University of Manchester Students’ Union to put on a range of events that aim to cater for every student’s needs. These events will allow new residents to explore and connect with Manchester and make the most out of their first week living in halls of residence.

Your Committee

Saint Gabriel's Hall Junior Common Room Committee is led by an elected committee of students who are residents in Saint Gabriel's Hall. This elected committee helps to build a sense of community and makes sure that everyone living in their hall has a great time. This year’s Junior Common Room Committee have organised events, activities, sports, trips and parties in Saint Gabriel's Hall including a pumpkin carving competition, numerous pizza nights, cultural celebration evenings and themed formal dinners.

Saint Gabriel's Hall Junior Common Room Committee have also taken advantage of their location being close to Curry Mile and have organised several meals at various restaurants in this area.

Saint Gabriel's Hall Junior Common Room Committee won the ‘Hall Event of the year award’, presented at the University of Manchester Students Union Awards 2017. In addition to this their Chair was also nominated for the ‘Halls Leader of the Year’ and the ‘Hall Committee Member of the Year’ award.