Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones

When we think of domestic abuse, we usually think of physical violence but this is not always the case.  Abuse comes in many forms including psychological, sexual, emotional, financial and physical.  Nobody deserves to be abused and it’s never OK. If your partner is not violent but your relationship leaves you feeling degraded, isolated, scared or controlled this is still abuse.

Thinking about someone you have an intimate relationship with, do they?

  • Regularly put you down or humiliate you
  • Threaten you
  • Make you feel guilty
  • Isolate you from family and friends
  • Expect you to put their needs before your own
  • Check your phone and social media
  • Get jealous easily
  • Controls what you wear or where you go
  • Leave you feeling worthless

If you answered yes to one or more of these statements your relationship may be abusive. The scars left by emotional abuse are not visible but they cut deep and can leave us with long term psychological consequences.

If you are worried about your relationship or that of a friend, you are not alone; there are many organisations who can offer you confidential advice and support.  Nobody should have to live in fear of abuse.


Sticks & Stones is a UoMSU campaign which aims to raise awareness around emotional abuse and coercive control within intimate relationships. 

Come along to the launch event for an evening of discussion, guest speakers, information around available support and craftivism.

It is likely that if you have not been directly affected by this issue that you know somebody who has, so please come along, get involved, raise awareness and speak up in support. 

Food and refreshments provided. Check out our Facebook event page HERE



There are many different organisations that offer free and confidential support:

If you are in immediate danger you should phone 999 to contact the police.

If you want to report a crime to the police that is no longer happening, phone 101.

  • UoMSU advice service Tel: 0161 275 2952,
  • Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline Tel: 0161 636 7525.
  • Greater Manchester Against Domestic Abuse a website giving detailed information relating to behaviours and characteristics as well as signposting and advice,
  • Galop National LGBT domestic abuse helpline Tel: 0300 999 5428.
  • Daughters of Eve give advice and support around FGM.  Tel:  07983 030488
  • Forced Marriage Unit give advice and support to victims and those at risk of forced marriage.  Tel:  02070 080151.
  • Manchester Rape Crisis offer support and information to women who have experienced sexual violence. Tel:  0161 273 4591.
  • Saheli Asain Women’s Project, give advice to Asian women fleeing domestic abuse. Tel: 0161 945 4187
  • Survivors Manchester offer support and information to men who have experienced sexual violence.  Tel: 0161 236 2182.”