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Events in the SU

As a Hall, you’re able to put on Events in the SU, as well as get our advice on putting on Events in other venues across Manchester. For more information click ‘here’.

Events in your Halls

Putting on events for your residents is a core part of being on a halls committee, so it is important that the events you’re are hosting are safe and accessible for people to attend.If your RA/JCR Committee are planning substantial events (BBQ's, live music events etc) they must submit a Student Event Pack proposal for approval at least 4 weeks before the event to via the Student Events Submission form below.

1. Before you start planning an event take a look at this Student Event Pack 

The pack takes you through the event planning process step by step, and contains the forms you will need to fill in and submit before your event can go ahead

2. You will also need to fill in a risk assessment. This is really easy to do and helps you to quickly check that the event you're planning is going to be safe and fun for all.

Take a look at this Sample Risk Assessment which should give you an idea of how to fill it in.

Then fill in a Blank Risk Assessment and save it along with your completed events pack.

If you are going to be serving/selling alcohol or playing music in or around your hall, you may need to serve a TEN (Temporary Events Notice) to Manchester City Council. The RA Support Team can help you with that too.

3. Then all you need to do fill in this quick events application form at least 4 weeks before the event. Once you have completed the form the RA support team and University will recieve a notification about your event where we can begin the review process. We will contact you regarding your application. 


If you need any help filling in the Pack or Risk Assessment then the Halls team at the Students' Union can help you out.

4.Finally, once your event has ended please fill out really quick survey here. The purpose of the Post Events survey is to ensure that the Students' Union can build a comprehensive list of previous events that have been successful. We encourage all members of the RA/JCR to fill out these forms to count towards points in the new leaderboard system. You can find out more information about the leaderboard system here. 

Neither the University nor the Students' Union accepts responsibility for the actions of residents' associations and their members during their course of events organised by them. All acitions are taken by the residents' associations or their members in their own capacity and at their own risk. These forms and information are provided here for students' convenience but all proposals must be submitted to the Directorate of the Student Experience who make the decision.

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