Volunteering As A Trustee Board Member


Volunteer to be a Trustee Board Member at the Students’ Union


The University of Manchester Students’ Union is a Registered Charity (No. 1144146) and a Limited Company (No. 7759820) and appoints new Student and External Trustees to the Trustee Board usually in May, unless vacancies arise for some reason during the year. The position(s) are usually advertised from February to April with interviews being held in May. You also become a Trustee Board Member if you stand for an Officer position in Exec Team elections that are held in March. Deadline for standing for the next Exec Team elections is 17th February 2017.

Who are trustees?

The trustees are also the company directors as the Students’ Union is also a Limited Company.

Our Trustee Board is made up of:

8 Exec Officers: Elected by students in March to commence Trustee Board duties on 1st July.

3 Student Trustees: May serve a term of 1 year or 2 years and are appointed following a recruitment and selection process.  Terms of office start on 1st September.

3 External Trustees: Who are appointed to the Trustee Board to provide expertise in certain areas such as Charity Finance, Legal, Business planning/strategy,  etc.




Trustees - What are we looking for?

University of Manchester Students’ Union is looking for Students who want to learn and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to help us to lead the charity and deliver on our new Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

  • You are a registered student at the University of Manchester and committed to the Students’ Union and its vision and values
  • You will be able to devote the necessary time and effort
  • You will have the ability to think strategically
  • You are able to exercise good, independent judgement
  • You can think creatively
  • You have the confidence to contribute positively to discussion and debate
  • You should be able to demonstrate your understanding of the responsibilities and liabilities of being a Trustee?
  • You are a great team player and able to be supportive of others?

Trustee Board Members have responsibility for:

• Directing the affairs of the Charity, ensuring that it is legal, solvent, well-run, and delivering its charitable objectives.

Developing strategy

  • To contribute in giving strategic direction the Students’ Union.





Compliance & risk management

  • Monitor compliance against policies.
  • Maintain oversight of the Students’ Union risk register and develop strategies to mitigate risk.

Financial oversight and scrutiny

  • To ensure the Students’ Union complies with its reporting and accounting obligations.
  • To maintain proper fiscal oversight and ensure the financial stability of the Students’ Union.
  • To ensure the Charity uses its assets and resources exclusively to pursue its objectives.
  • To collectively ensure the board has the necessary range of expertise and skills to fulfil its legal obligations and duties.

What are the benefits for me?

  • Such experience would enhance your CV and can give you an edge over other jobseekers in an interview situation and open doors to new career paths
  • Put your skills and experience to use and make a lasting

difference to a cause you care about and make

  • Gain experience in areas such as setting strategic goals, accounting, financial planning, employment, risk management, teamwork, scrutiny, critical thinking, committee skills and sound decision-making.


What do I need to know?

  • Find out how much time you’re expected to commit when you first enquire about becoming a trustee,
  • Make sure you understand what your particular trustee role entails and that you are provided with all the information you need.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions ‘…There is no such thing as a stupid question…’

What should I consider before becoming a trustee?

Check out these links for more information



If you wish to arrange an informal discussion about becoming a Trustee Board Member please telephone:

Students’ Union Human Resources: 0161 275 2949  

Help Desk: 0161 275 2930

Volunteering and Fundraising Coordinator 0161 275 2932