Student Voice Home

How can 40,000 voices become one?

The Student Voice Team at Manchester Students' Union exists to represent the views and interests of our 40,000 students to the University and to ensure that our voices are heard on both a local and national scale. Through the work of our Exec Team, Senate and our campaigning activity, the student voice is united and amplified.

Student Voice makes sure our students have their say and get their voices heard at all levels of the Students' Union and University through a variety of means including:

  • Facilitating elections so students can choose who they want to represent them in a range of areas
  • Finding out what matters to students and what they think the Students' Union and University should do and believe
  • Working to support and train over 1000 Course Reps and other student representatives  to make a positive impact on all aspects of student life
  • Supporting and running campaigns for positive change
  • Student consultation and research
  • Providing training and development opportunities to students to ensure they are confident and effective in their roles