BME Students Campaign

The BME Students' Campaign aims to empower students of African, Middle-Eastern, Asian, Afro-Caribbean, Indigenous American, and Indigenous South Pacific Islander descent, and to educate all students on the issues that surround BME students.

The BME Students' Campaign provides a space for discussion around a broad array of issues that affect BME students in general, it is a space for BME Students to campaign for change on these issues.

The BME Students' Campaign is also a social space and a space for relevant student-led creative projects and events.


Main issues faced by BME students:

  • BME attainment gap. Six months after qualifying, 61.2% white leavers were in both full-time work compared with 54.8% of BME leavers.
  • Stop and Search. Black people in Manchester are more than 4 times as likely to be stopped and searched as white people.
  • Discrimination. BME people were more than twice as likely to have faced abuse or rudeness from a stranger in the last week.
  • Mental Health. BME people struggle more to access mental health services but are more likely to be sectioned.


There are 2 elected BME officers at Manchester Students’ Union:

You can follow the activity of the BME Campaign on their Facebook page.

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