Your Disabled Students Officers: 

Katie Foy
Charlotte Maxwell


Disabled students’ campaign exists to represent, extend and defend the rights of disabled students.

You can get in touch with the campaign at and follow us on Facebook.  



2018/2019 projects



  • Disability History Month 2018

  • Build a student's society

  • Facilitate a Sex Workers and Disability workshop

  • Attended the NEON access and outreach for disabled learners meeting

  • Facilitated an Accessibility in LGBTQ+ spaces workshop

  • Organised a fundraising event during World Aids Day

  • Organised a Game Assist workshop

  • Co-chairs the Disabled Students Committee

  • Awareness raising campaign about eating disorders (especially the less known ones)

  • Awareness raising campaign about Speech and Language needs

  • Open Mic and Showcase about Invisible Disabilities

  • Mental Health Conversation Corners