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Global Enterprise Week

Happy Global Enterprise Week! Whether you’re passionate about business or someday you want to be your own boss it’s important to recognise how exciting student enterprise can be at University. With University timetables ever changing it can be difficult for students to work part-time and receive the flexibility they need, yet working for yourself doesn’t seem to be the norm. Working for yourself means you can decide when you work and for how long, and that what you’re working on is a project that means a lot to you. At UoM there is a lot of support out there if you’re thinking of taking that first step or if need help along the way.

From Manchester Entrepreneurs, a student society, to the Manchester Enterprise Centre (MEC) located on the 5th floor of the Roscoe building, there’s a whole community of students and experts to join. The beautiful thing is that no matter what disciple of study to come from, you can apply yourself to enterprise. It’s open to everyone and I’m sure all of you have the ability to explore it further. Attending some of the workshops or events hosted by them will give you a better insight into what’s involved in enterprise and inspire you to have the confidence to give it a go. Let alone all the creative, problem solving and decision making skills you can learn alongside greater commercial awareness and more by exploring enterprise.

With the countdown soon to begin to Christmas we have a very festive two-day Christmas market in the foyer of the SU on 12 and 13 December where students will be selling a whole range of perfect Christmas gifts for family and friends. It will also be a platform for you to come and meet student entrepreneurs, get to know their business plan and be inspired! If you have something you might want to sell please fill in the application form below, it’s completely free and you can apply whether or not you’re an official company or just starting out with a new idea or product you can make to raise some dollar. As part of the Union’s Week of Christmas celebrations there’s lots of new merry deals in the café and bar, a student parent party, an AU and society collab social along with a Christmas photo booth, the SU will be the place to be before the holidays come around!

To continue celebrating student entrepreneurs, expect a few start up stories coming soon in the Student Life section of The Mancunion so that you can find out more about the journeys of fellow students starting their own business.

Apply to be part of the Christmas Market! Deadline 5 December *PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND SUBMIT TO tamara.oneill@manchester.ac.uk*

You can find out more about Manchester Entrepreneurs here

Take a look at all the opportunities available at the Enterprise Centre


Inclusion Officer

Hey everyone, I hope you are all having a great summer and looking forward to making your way back to University!

As some of you might know; at Senate, a policy passed to extend the mandatory committee from three positions (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) to include an Inclusion Officer. This person will be the first point of contact for your society, with the objective of creating an inclusive environment, improving membership retention and the diversity of your society.

The officer should identify into at least one of the four liberation groups (BME, Disabled, LGBTQ and Women) so have a think about who would be great at welcoming students into your society and ensuring your events are accessible. When you arrive back at University you will need to start recruiting this new committee member. There will be lots of training and support for your committee throughout the year, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with me with any queries you may have in the meantime!

I look forward to seeing you all soon! 

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